Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Real Rebecca Dunn Bryant, cont'd

The ratio of my big sister's skill set to her internet presence is still deemed unacceptable by my standards. Thus, here is an addendum to the original Rebecca Dunn Bryant (the original) post.

I say addendum rather than continuation as the title implies, because this is more of a prequel than a sequel.


# # #

Rebecca Daughtry Dunn, soon (within just about a quarter century) to become Rebecca Dunn Bryant, was born back when grown-ups still wore bell bottoms... and not to be silly. I have pictures (are you listening Rebecca?), but that is for another forum another day.

I used to think my big sister was a big meanie, until I realized she was a genius.

Which is really funny, because I was the math science wizard in the family- master of all the easily quantifiable.

But true brilliance lies in a deeper understanding... the kind of understanding of truth accepted by the forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain... the scientist, the lover/artist, and the caveman.

But I digress.

Back to what I was saying about, "until I realized she was a genius." Rebecca Daughtry Dunn (now closer to becoming Rebecca Dunn Bryant), attended university at C.U., commonly known as the University of Colorado at Boulder. She must have listened, read, and otherwise absorbed a lot, because from year 1 she was a changed woman.

Whew! This was the peak of what I perceived as her chief meanie phase. All this talk about sustainability and urgency and greenhouse and collaboration and blah blah blah blah blah...

I didn't want to hear it... I was big man on campus at Mountain Brook High School in Birmingham, Alabama. What do I care about all this crap? The cold war is over... woo hoo! (or booh hoo?)

If I have my math right (I'm going to get a real resume from sister soon), Rebecca Dunn Bryant graduated around 1996. Which sucked, because I could no longer go visit Colorado in summers anymore.

Some of my fondest memories are of building a factory out of raw materials found all around us (it's really cool- just like the stuff I learned in Civil Engineering in college, except you dig it up/chop down/harvest the stuff around you, then test it, until you find the acceptable building material properties).

Plus, it was just great to get away from EVERYTHING. One time, Myatt Harvill and I got barricaded in our tent by what turned out to be a cow. STOP LAUGHING... Everything is scary at night.

So I double-digressed.

Here's the deal: over the past decade, I have come to believe that the most powerful thing that can be affected in this world during one's life is to change the thinking of others. It is pretty much sad/tragic/pathetic that our political system has so much power of redefining words and drilling [by repetition], drilling [by repetition], drilling [by repetition], drilling [by repetition], ideas into our heads until we believe them (who thought oil when I said drilling?).

The second most obvious wielders of this power are the Television Commercial Advertisers and Product Placement people. No comment there. Trying out libertarianism.

Was that digression number 3? Back on track:

Rebecca Dunn kept telling me stuff about this "changing of thoughts," and SO much more, when she was in college, but I did NOT understand.

Meanwhile, Crockett Dunn was in college, too. And he/I took a course on architecture. To keep it short, this lead to my belief that the two most powerful jobs a human can hold in one's lifetime are architect or educator.... this is how one changes a society's thinking.

This is how one changes a society's thinking overtly, openly, kindly, graciously, POSITIVELY.

So now we've survived what I like to call, "Gulf War, Esquire," and somehow made it through Y2K (Buddy Dunn asked me if toilet paper would be affected by y2K. That was the funniest thing I'd heard in 18 months), and now we're in the middle of, "Gulf War II: Mission Accomplished."

At this same time, my sister, Rebecca Dunn Bryant, went first to C.U. and then to Tulane Architecture School, where she learned how to change the hearts and minds of fellow human beings with beauty and composition.

And she learned how not to take more than she gave. And she learned all the stuff that we all know deep inside, as I burnt myself out trying to "get ahead," in my business.

But the cray thing... she got all these certifications with words like GREEN, and LEED, and stuff that meant nothing to me- she got all these after college (is it called post-grad?), and they didn't mean anything to me.

Now, it appears my big meanie sister had it right all the time. Even FOX News routinely agrees with her! Green, LEED Certified, Sustainability....

That's when I realized Rebecca Dunn was not a meanie but a genius.

Monday, December 08, 2008

the case for DVR, and why TiVo has the best UI

Protecting kids (and adults) from Commercial Advertisements on television is a life molding choice.

To illustrate, when I recently visited with family, my niece was telling us to be quiet during the commercials, telling us why she liked the commercial... and she knew what happened at the end.

At this point in my life, being a 8+ year DVR user, I resent having to watch any television commercial. Luckily, with TiVo, I do not have to.

Why do I resent the advertisements? Because they are sinister…. drilling into my conscious and subconscious mind what I should like/dislike, covet, or purchase;

Implying a new duster/mop/floor cleanser will save my marriage;

Telling me a new car will make me feel like an 18 year old man again.

Moreover, these are the same strategies of repetition that the Bush administration used to drill words into our minds like "WMD," "No Child Left Behind," and others. In fact, all good political strategists use these techniques.

And guess what? So does commercial television advertising. This is about as close to evil as you can get.

It takes away one's creativity and freedom of choice and signs you up to be a rat-race consumer member.

As it happens, that is why I choose TiVo as part of my internet desk station, where I can email and excercise simultaneously, or take a break and watch my

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Riddle me this...

I was told by a woman very close to me, that the to the left, reading "I shower naked," is "just not funny."

I do not understand this. This shirt is hilarious.

Furthermore, to add to my neverending confusion about this gender named female, the very same woman laughed aloud and said the t-shirt to the right, reading, "I'm naked," is hilarious.

Fully clothed and confused,
Crockett Dunn

Friday, November 21, 2008

Job Opportunity

Ideal candidate for job will determine how to apply for the position.
01101100 00110011 [&&] M3Q= [&&] 103 108 111 [&&] 62 61 6c

Thursday, November 20, 2008

FINALLY! Facebook profiles for my plants!!!

Let's face it, everyone needs one of these.

Look, I'm not complaining or anything, but the mainstream technology market is always 5+ years late delivering the stuff I really want. I always have to shop in Japan for the good stuff.


  1. I yearned for a computer-sync-able pda/camera/mp3/GPS/phone in 1999. Windows mobile is still in its infancy, but I am slightly appeased.
  2. Currently the Internet Treadmill Workstation and Ultimate Wired Home Gym are only offered by me. The internet gym seems obvious.... I've been building it since 2006, but no merchant has yet come up with a high-quality, single packaged unit.
  3. And where are our standardized bluetooth connections to our in-car computer terminals??? No, not just for phone functionality- I mean the full terminal: address book, calendar, GPS, MP3. The whole 9 yards.
  4. For the above to work, speech recognition has to be ubiquitously integrated with all mobile or in-vehicle computers. They technology is available, it just requires a lot of processing power is all. But Ray Kurzweil's been doing this type of thing since I was 2 years old!
  5. And my Bill Gate's style smart-home, where I have an RF ID tag, and each room adjusts to one of my preset, personalized settings as I enter (lights on, perhaps TiVo begins playing the Daily Show... or based on time, lights dim over a period of 10 minutes, white noise machine activates, and bedtime sequence is initiated... and the dining room lights and soft Jazz music upon entry at 6 PM. Why can't this stuff be mass marketed? If it's a function of demand, c'mon everyone, demand it :)!!!
Oh how I digress. The point of this blog post is below.

An exception has occurred to my being ahead of the technology adoption curve.
is ahead of the curve with me, delivering cool technology relatively shortly after I desire it. Heck, I love them so much, I'll give 'em a logo on this post:

SO, I am pleased to announce, that at long last, all of our household plants can finally have their own profiles, with automatic status updates via Twitter! FINALLY!

Check it out here, @

I think I'm going to buy a $20 RC Helicopter from there, too, or a chain mail shirt to protect me from sharks and in battle. Can't decide. On the one hand, I already have one chain mail glove.
On the other hand, I don't have chain mail headgear or pants, and shark attacks are unlikely.

What to do, what to do.

I think I'll go with the vacuum-powered, wall-driving RC car.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Survival for the high-powered, IT Exec: The ultimate wired office/gym!

The ultimate wired office/gym! Walkstation! Internet Treadmill Workstation!

Sounds silly? Yes, as first? Like being alive? The this is no joke. I've been working with Physical Therapist on this for 4 years now:(see )

Survival for the high-powered, IT Exec: The ultimate wired office/gym!
Hello there.

My name is Crockett.

I own an IT business.

I love life... I mean, I love being alive, and I intend to postpone the cessation of my being alive for as long as possible.

This product list is for the serious information technology worker concerned for her or his physical health.

Let's face it, our generation has seen enough sedentary IT worker and computer addicts die of cardiovascular related illnesses anywhere from their late 20s to early 40s.

This is serious.

So perhaps it's more appropriate to say that this product listing is intended to help the IT/Knowledge worker stay healthy, and SURVIVE in an industry that constantly begs us to "please be seated."

The Ultimate Internet Treadmill Workstation, Totally Wired Home Gym, and generally surviving and staying healthy as an information technology professional have all generated enough interest to merit going beyond my
"generic, personal," blogs and offering this as an Amazon List, and an exclusive blog, here,

With that, to those seeking physical and fiscal health in this post-information-revolution era in which we live, I say, "WELCOME!" (from the treadmill, in fact).

Come in, explore, and most of all SHARE your methods and experiences with countering what has historically been a purely sedentary vocation. [user community at

Monday, October 20, 2008

This is so sweet

This is so sweet:

My router emails me its diary every week so I can keep in touch with what
it's been up to...

How cute!

> -----Original Message-----
> Subject: CISCO DGD9900 Log [00:00:00]
> [DHCP IP: (] to MAC address 00:11:D9:0B:E3:32, Friday,
> Oct 17,2008 23:01:02
> [DHCP IP: (] to MAC address 00:0E:08:EA:56:72, Friday,
> Oct 17,2008 22:53:21
> [DHCP IP: (] to MAC address 00:1E:2A:3B:2F:D5, Friday,
> Oct 17,2008 20:53:19
> [Internet connected] IP address: XX.XX.XXX.XXX, Friday, Oct 17,2008
> 20:07:18
> [LAN access from remote] from XX.XXX.XXX.66:1476 to
> Friday, Oct 17,2008 19:55:15
> [LAN access from remote] from XX.XX.XXX.66:1461 to
> Friday, Oct 17,2008 19:46:34
> [DHCP IP: (] to MAC address 00:11:D9:06:E9:51, Friday,
> Oct 17,2008 19:22:21
> [LAN access from remote] from XX.XXX.XXX.66:1158 to
> Friday, Oct 17,2008 15:27:10
> [DHCP IP: (] to MAC address 00:1E:0B:FC:76:D1, Friday,
> Oct 17,2008 14:31:55
> [DHCP IP: (] to MAC address 00:11:D9:06:E9:09, Friday,
> Oct 17,2008 14:29:01
> [DHCP IP: (] to MAC address 00:11:D9:0B:E3:32, Friday,
> Oct 17,2008 11:01:01
> [DHCP IP: (] to MAC address 00:0E:08:EA:56:72, Friday,
> Oct 17,2008 10:53:21
> [DHCP IP: (] to MAC address 00:1E:2A:3B:2F:D5, Friday,
> Oct 17,2008 08:53:19
> [DHCP IP: (] to MAC address 00:11:D9:06:E9:51, Friday,
> Oct 17,2008 07:22:19
> [DHCP IP: (] to MAC address 00:18:39:5C:71:AE, Friday,
> Oct 17,2008 04:19:20
> [DHCP IP: (] to MAC address 00:0B:CD:57:79:90, Friday,
> Oct 17,2008 04:11:56
> [Dynamic DNS] host name registeration
> successful, Friday, Oct 17,2008 03:02:35
> [DHCP IP: (] to MAC address 00:1E:0B:FC:76:D1, Friday,
> Oct 17,2008 02:46:04
> [DHCP IP: (] to MAC address 00:11:D9:06:E9:09, Friday,
> Oct 17,2008 02:29:00
> [DHCP IP: (] to MAC address 00:11:D9:0B:E3:32, Thursday,
> Oct 16,2008 23:01:02
> [DHCP IP: (] to MAC address 00:1E:2A:3B:2F:D5, Thursday,
> Oct 16,2008 20:53:19
> [DHCP IP: (] to MAC address 00:1B:2F:BF:7E:EA, Thursday,
> Oct 16,2008 20:42:14
> [DHCP IP: (] to MAC address 00:11:D9:06:E9:51, Thursday,
> Oct 16,2008 19:22:18
> [DHCP IP: (] to MAC address 00:11:D9:0B:E3:32, Thursday,
> Oct 16,2008 18:28:27
> [DHCP IP: (] to MAC address 00:1E:0B:FC:76:D1, Thursday,
> Oct 16,2008 15:00:14
> [DHCP IP: (] to MAC address 00:11:D9:06:E9:09, Thursday,
> Oct 16,2008 14:29:00
> [Admin login] from source, Thursday, Oct 16,2008 14:17:46
> [Admin login] from source, Thursday, Oct 16,2008 14:07:33
> [Admin login failure] from source, Thursday, Oct 16,2008
> 14:07:23
> [Time synchronized with NTP server] Thursday, Oct 16,2008 14:01:47
> [Internet connected] IP address: XX.XXX.XXX.121, Thursday, Oct 16,2008
> 14:01:47
> [Internet disconnected] Thursday, Oct 16,2008 14:01:47
> [Initialized, firmware version: V1.0.22_6.0.22NA] Thursday, Oct 16,2008
> 14:01:46

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joyous Technology in your Bathroom

This week has been the perfect storm of business and personal "stuff." So I gave myself a little reward.

I bought a red, blue illuminated, temperature-aware shower head that streams light through the jets: red for hot and blue for cold.

The household revolution has only begun.

Next come the faucet heads:



[As soon as CDLLC achieves regional, national, then global domination, we will be upgrading to this one, much more elegant.]

Monday, October 06, 2008

Beautiful Home Available in North-East Pasadena, CA (Greater Los Angeles Area).

Beautiful home located in North-East Pasadena, CA (Greater Los Angeles Area).

Specs here (

Beautiful pictures here,

Walk the neighborhood using Google street level, here

More gorgeous photographs here:

The place has a swimming pool, gorgeous view of the mountains from the upstairs patio/balcony, new appliances, new electrical, upgraded kitchen. Four blocks from the Eaton Canyon hiking area, and about a mile from the off-leash dog park.

And for my fellow Information Technology workers, all rooms are fully cat5 wired and gigE ready, from central, ventilated server room (the coat-closet under the stairs).

It's a peaceful, quiet neighborhood... no helicopters, search lights, and all the stuff that comes with downtown Los Angeles. We found it to be a nice break from the intensity of of medical training and starting up a business.

If you're a Google Maps user, check out the neighborhood (click here,,-118.087192&spn=0.015732,0.038624&z=15), from the Eaton Canyon nature area, Victory Park (baseball, football, soccer, picnics, special events, weekly farmers market), to the people and off-leash dog park. There are several golf courses nearby, plus a gym about 6 doors down.

Easy commute to CalTech, Fuller Seminary, USC undergrad, USC medical school, and USC residency hospitals.

Walk the neighborhood using Google street level, here

Ah! I almost forgot about the Peacocks, the arboretum, and so much more... in case I left anything else out, I've included a link with HOUSE PHOTOS here (, from when we leased to our first tenants!

I only wish I had time to add a more comprehensive map and tag more of our secret Pasadena neighborhood attractions. I will leave it to you to search for Hollywood, the Staples Center, and all of the non-secret great stuff that comes with living in the LA Metro area.


2600 SF two-story single-family home. 3 bed, 2.5 bath with additional sitting room/office and family room. Large fenced yard with pool. 2 car garage.
  • Air Conditioning
  • Carpeted Floors
  • New Dishwasher
  • Fireplace
  • Hardwood Floors
  • High Speed Internet-ready
  • Microwave
  • Outdoor Area
  • Parking - Driveway
  • Parking - Garage
  • Pool
  • Refrigerator
  • New Stove
  • TV Cable-ready

Sungard EXP Web 5.x Users, and The Wisdom of Crowds

I'm going to make an expection and mix businsess and personal blogs to try to drum up some enthusiasm for the new Sungard EXP Web User Forums. The new blog can be found here:

This is a place for users of Sungard's EXP Web and its predecessor Octane8 to discuss common challenges and put our brains together to solve problems.

Background: Sungard's EXP Web is a piece of software, a Content Management System (CMS), which CDLLC uses to deploy some of our clients' web-based applications. It's very robust and functionality-packed, so naturally users are full of questions. My hope is that this forum will serve as means for us to help one another answer these questions.

***Please respond by comment post if you would like to become a contributing author, and someone will contact you with further information. ***

Thursday, September 25, 2008

"TO THE TIME MACHINE! And grab a cash register and the old Credit Card impinter!"


Grab a cash register, a credit card imprint machine... and we'll need to fit in so as not to draw attention to our time-traveling sales scheme-

And the final ingredient to our plan to becoming rich beyond imagination?

No, not an almanac or newspaper or stock picks.....


We will sell watches...


Friday, September 19, 2008

Apple iTunes "Genius" vs. Pandora

So does the new Apple iTunes "Genius" playlisting feature hold a candle to the longstanding dominator, "Pandora," (formerly know as the music genome project)?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

B-Rock, looks like we're not in Alabama anymore, or "ALERT - Mountain Lion Sighting"

The email below just showed up from my neighborhood group.


This is something new to me.  We had our share of raccoons, possums, deer, and turkey in Alabama, but not the big cats.  Worst I had to worry about were snakes and mosquitoes, and maybe those monster snapping turtles with the big beaks.


Wow- I’m really in the wild west, with the vultures and the big cats.  Rugged I am (as I sit typing at my computer).


Good Afternoon –


We have just been informed that there has been notice of mountain lion activity in the area.  Specifically, we have discovered a recently killed deer in the area.  All indications are that the deer was killed by a mountain lion.


While mountain lions typically do not approach humans, they may be interested in small pets.  Keep an eye on your pets and be sure that pet food and supplies are kept in secure areas.


Thank you.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

healing power of laughter

Dave Chapelle is a solid dude. Click on the video below, or if you don't see an embedded video, use this link.

I saw Chapelle on "inside the actors studio," and was struck by the fact that he doesn't water-down his material very much to please his audience.... he is true to his own feelings, you know?

It has been observed that some of the most brilliant, intuitive [non-degree-holding] sociologist and philosopher comedians of this century have had to compromise themselves and their acts, and become more actor/performers than expressing their true selves. Sometimes they end up quite bitter. Extreme cases: Bill Hicks, Andy Kaufman. Makes you wonder if they died young of bitterness-induced cancer.

Anyway, I was pleased to see this (click to begin playing video):
. . . . . . . .

[if you don't see a video embedded above, click here for video].

too soon?

the Great Texas Reverse-Hamburglay Incident of 2008

Ever find yourself in a discussion that you're pretty sure no one has ever had before on this planet?

I found myself engaged in an IM chat exactly like that just today, documented in the IM session below....

[10:47] anonymousDrew: have you ever walked to your car only to find a semi-fresh, twice bitten cheeseburger resting on the hood?

[10:52] crockettdunn: lmfao

[10:52] crockettdunn: no that's crazy

[10:52] crockettdunn: I think that was a hidden camera experiment, probably done to cars all around the nation

[10:52] anonymousDrew: pretty strange.

[10:52] crockettdunn: no American doesn't finish a cheeseburger.

[10:52] anonymousDrew: I said to co-worker..."Uhhh, pickles? onions?"

[10:52] crockettdunn: or that might have been a tainted cheeseburger, my friend

[10:53] anonymousDrew: He didn't think it was very funny.

[10:53] crockettdunn: That's the weirdest funniest fucking thing I've heard all week.

[10:54] crockettdunn: ok, wait.... ARE YOU TELLING me you identified and confronted the culprit, or are you saying you tried to share the humor with a co-witness of the hamburglary?

[10:57] anonymousDrew: think it was stolen? lol, ditching the "hot goods" until things cool down?

[11:04] crockettdunn: purely reverse hamburglary = ham-donor-y.
11:06] *** "anonymousDrew" signed off at Fri Aug 29 11:06:13 2008.
[11:17] *** "anonymousDrew" signed on at Fri Aug 29 11:17:44 2008.

[11:21] crockettdunn: request for your permission 2 use the previous hamburglary discourse in blog

[11:24] anonymousDrew: lol. like i've got copyright ownership on it.

[11:27] anonymousDrew: here i am in the meat capital of the country where doing something like that would be considered a sacrilege.

[11:51] crockettdunn: I'm totally posting

[12:16] anonymousDrew: it's too bad i don't have a picture.

[12:21] crockettdunn: YOU REMOVED IT????

[12:21] crockettdunn: Dude, why'd you remove the reverse hamburglary evidence?

[12:21] anonymousDrew: i never saw the fucker!

[12:22] anonymousDrew: i'm going solely by co-worker's word.

[12:23] crockettdunn: ahhhhh......

[12:23] crockettdunn: so there's no corroborating witness to confirm co-worker didn't eat the evidence?

[12:23] crockettdunn: He totally fucking ate that burger that was rightfully YOURS!!!

[12:25] crockettdunn: I think in TX this means your allowed to shoot to kill

[12:25] anonymousDrew: i don't eat other people's burgers, especially after sitting on a car hood until day's end.

[12:25] crockettdunn: i'm pretty sure I read that in "life's little instruction book." On the other hand, it was probably just about done. Crack an egg on the car hood, wait for it to fry, and do your burger up Fat-Burger LA-style!

Thanks to
anonymousDrew for extricating my brain from Data, Logic, Design, HR, and CashFlow periodically throughout the day.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Great News for my Fellow Techie Road Warriors

It is just painful to have had that negative TiVo post as the most recent entry in Crock-Town-Traffic, so I'm going to see if I've got any goodies I've been saving up to lighten the mood in Crock-Town.

Ah, yes..... here's some good news for all of my fellow ultra-mobile road warriors. I've highlighted points of interest.

I'm left virtually speechless. Overflowing with gratitude, I can barely manage the word, "FINALLY!"

Although the California government may be able to prohibit me from using my windows mobile device without a hands-free headset, they can't stop me from working on my laptop or sketching behind the steering wheel (albeit while parked, only).

Thank you, anonymous inventor of the steering wheel desk.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Internet Treadmill Workstation Review, Summary: Product Only

[Note, 12/8/2008: due to popular demand, all internet treadmill walk-station/work-station/desk-station posts have been moved the the following blog, ]

[added 2008.09.26: The Internet Treadmill Workstation, Wired Home Gym, and more generally the challenge of surviving and staying healthy as an information technology professional/knowledge worker have all generated enough interest to merit splitting this topic off onto another blog, which can be found at Drop by. It might save your life.]

# # #
Hello there.

My name is Crockett Dunn.

I am an over-full-time IT business owner, trying to survive (I mean that quite literally- trying to survive physically- spare my body) in a post-information-revolution world, rather than die young of complications from "sitting on my arse all day syndrome."

In case we haven't met, you might not realize that brevity is not one of my strongest points (as illustrated by the copious number of postings about the Internet Treadmill Workstation (originally inspired by the guitar treadmill station) + Total Internet Home Gym Solution I have refined to perfection over the past several years.)

Note that although these are, raw, uncommented simple product links, these are far from arbitrary. This is the best of the best-of-breed products, derived from years of practice and working with a licensed physical therapist.

I have a graveyard of burnt treadmills, inadequate laptops, too-little Smart phones, key-missing-keyboards, torn mouse cables, and so on. The following products have passed the test.

fitenesss first:

Smooth Fitness 9.45ST treadmill with 60" Deck, Hydra Suspension and Motion Control

txt: Smooth 9.35 HR Treadmill with Wireless Heart Rate Control and Hydra Suspension

Evo 1 Treadmill'

Smooth Fitness 9.45 TV Treadmill with 15" Flat Screen TV

input devices second:


Sony Bravia XBR-Series KDL-52XBR5 52-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV

OmniMount MOTION 52 Motorized Cantilever Wall Mount (fits 37"-52" flat panels)


TiVo TCD648250B Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder

TiVo TCD652160 HD Digital Video Recorder

D-Link DIR-655 Extreme N Wireless Router

Netgear GS116 ProSafe 16-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch

HP Pavilion dv9500t 17" Notebook PC (Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T7250, 4GB RAM, 320GB Hard Drive, Lightscribe SuperMulti DVD Drive, 895MB NVIDIA GeForce Go 8400M w/Webcam, Vista Premium)

Linksys SD2005 10/100/1000 Gigabit Switch (5-port)

Sony Bravia XBR-Series KDL-52XBR5 52-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV

Netgear GA311 Gigabit 10/100/1000 Mbps PCI Adapter

GA511 Gigabit PC Card

My objective here is to post a concise yet comprehensive product list of all of the ingredients for the totally-connected internet home gym.

Smooth Fitness 9.45ST treadmill with 60" Deck, Hydra Suspension and Motion Control
txt: Smooth 9.35 HR Treadmill with Wireless Heart Rate Control and Hydra SuspensionEvo 1 Treadmill' Smooth Fitness 9.45 TV Treadmill with 15" Flat Screen TVSamsung HPS6373 63" Plasma HDTVOmniMount MOTION 52 Motorized Cantilever Wall Mount (fits 37"-52" flat panels)