Wednesday, September 10, 2008

B-Rock, looks like we're not in Alabama anymore, or "ALERT - Mountain Lion Sighting"

The email below just showed up from my neighborhood group.


This is something new to me.  We had our share of raccoons, possums, deer, and turkey in Alabama, but not the big cats.  Worst I had to worry about were snakes and mosquitoes, and maybe those monster snapping turtles with the big beaks.


Wow- I’m really in the wild west, with the vultures and the big cats.  Rugged I am (as I sit typing at my computer).


Good Afternoon –


We have just been informed that there has been notice of mountain lion activity in the area.  Specifically, we have discovered a recently killed deer in the area.  All indications are that the deer was killed by a mountain lion.


While mountain lions typically do not approach humans, they may be interested in small pets.  Keep an eye on your pets and be sure that pet food and supplies are kept in secure areas.


Thank you.

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