Wednesday, April 23, 2008

brunch, bbq, t-shirt non-apology


My name is Crockett Dunn.

Here are a few of the things that I am:

  1. IT business owner
  2. passionate music lover
  3. aspiring serial entrepreneur
  4. obsessive systems optimizer.
Lately, over the past 3-6 months, I've had a lot on my mind related to the state of stuff in our world, especially some non-optimal systems. The thing is, I've been busy servicing my clients whilst seeking an operations manager for CDLLC, so the lots on my mind had no previous opportunity to settle into proper organization.

Yesterday I went to a housewarming party/BBQ with my wife, Dr. Marki-Dunn, and hung around with her doctor friends and their IT spouses. I had the opportunity to talk about some of the stuff that I'm curious about with Jason. I can't remember Jason's last name, or if he generates revenue online and therefor desires a plug/link. [Jason, let me know if you want a link.]

{update 5/18/2007- Jay commented, and he does in fact have a blog here.}

Some of the items Jason and I discussed were capitalism, socialism, wealth, interdependency, culture, hedge funds and certain investment vehicles increasingly removed from the actual items of real value, survivalists, elitism, television and how it teaches us what to think, revolutions, civilizations, a trend of increasing socio-economic class division, warfare, fire arms and the second amendment, federations/nations, mankind/humanity/human condition, and our ability to destroy the human race.

I just finished brunch with one of the 5 most kind/compassionate/helpful individuals from my days at Duke University. Her name is Russell Colver, and she does ADHD Coaching in Durham, NC.

So here is the important point in all of this- similar to ideas in previous posts about "c'mon, let's not all destroy each other," and this other post I wrote in the muggy heat of Mobile, AL in August of last year.

I've got this t-shirt depicting a mushroom cloud (which is really not a cloud at all, it's a ball of fire, similar to a pyroclastic blast resulting from a volcanic eruption, but faster, with a larger destruction radius, ergo deadlier.

I can't remember who I upset this time but yes, a t-shirt depicting a mushroom cloud is meant to be provocative and needs to be provocative, especially as we enter an era of a nuclear armed world run by kids who did not live through the cold war, while simultaneously paranoid former Soviet, first-strike advocate generals still hold positions of influence.

So here is my problem. My kindergarten classes have got stuff figured out more than the various governments of the world. If all world governments were on the TV show, "are you smarter than a 5th grader," they would lose in the cooperation category.

Here's the deal: collaboration, cooperation, interdependency, everyone being indebted to one another, global community, teamwork- whatever you want to call it- results in better life. Better, in this extremely general sense, means more problems solved = survival. Some examples of this "better" include
  1. reduced chance of starvation
  2. reduced chance of death by diarrhea resulting from lack of clean water
  3. reduced chance of being randomly killed by an intentional act of anger-motivated violence
  4. reduced chance of dying of disease
  5. reduced chance of dying as the result of natural disaster.
Global collaboration would produce a world of abundance where with basic needs met... well, we would be free to have fun, party, watch soccer and football- play.

OK, so for this reason, in kindergarten and most school systems, when someone attempts to solve a problem using physical violence (example: can I have that apple? no. ok I punch you in the face and take apple) is considered unacceptable to the point that both parties involved- both aggressor and victim- are usually suspended or otherwise punished.

So why do educational institutions consider violence so unacceptable? Because violence creates fear, hatred, a desire for revenge- it awakens our animal instincts- and this becomes a cycle which is very difficult to break. In some cultures this cycle has been running for 1000s of years.

Does this make me a Utopian? No- I think sometimes people enjoy indulging their animal instincts- it's human nature. Even when we try to satisfy our animal instincts by proxy, spectator sports, often the spectators engage in violence (riots, etc).

Utopian/idealist/romantic I am not.

Pragmatist I am.

I like being alive and would like to continue being alive as long as possible. And again, we are entering an era of a nuclear armed world run by those whose childhoods did not include looming fear of the destruction of the human race, duck-and-cover drills, the concept of mutually-assured-destruction/lose-lose warfare, visions of entire cities leveled and the fall of western civilization.... all because our global community isn't governed by the basic rules of kindergarten school children.

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gotta run- dinner time. more links later

Saturday, April 19, 2008

the vanilla ice dance

OK well I didn’t see the dance lately, but I did decide to get Vanilla’s old haircut. Well OK that’s not true either, but I did see this welcome message logging onto a server yesterday, which gave me a precious chuckle:
(click to enlarge)

Friday, April 11, 2008

notable first: bird crapped on laptop

With the wonders of modern technology have enabled me to work outside in the beautiful sunshine with the grass, birds, cows, and trees. But the birds... a bird had the audacity to defecate on my laptop!

Monday, April 07, 2008

financial troubles... tough times: they're shakin' me down

Very carefully read the collection letter below.

Pay special attention to the amount due.

I am being instructed to bring my account up-to-date (pay off credit), and it is being implied that lack of action on my part will damage my credit.

The amount due = $0.00.

Do you think they will allow me to set up a payment plan. If I cut back on my spending, I might be able to afford to pay $0.00 of my $0.00 balance each month, until it adds up to the total $0.00 I owe, but I bet they'll gauge me with a high interest rate, that when multiplied by my $0.00 balance, could really mar my standard of living.

I'm switching to WaMu.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Killers

Dude I only lived in Los Angeles for about a decade, but when I hear The Killers sing about the hollow, vain, emptiness of Las Vegas, it nearly brings me to tears. LA or SinCity can starve a heart to death.

5c0r3!!!! (mom, that spells, "score," in geek-speek) (:

[Note, 12/8/2008: due to popular demand, all internet treadmill walk-station/work-station/desk-station posts have been moved the the following blog, ]

I just stumbled across the street to discover a yard-sale/garage-sale wrapping-up, and I'm not the proud new owner of a new, Teeter Hang Ups F7000 Inversion Table, purchased at approximately 85% off retail.

check it:

Stay tuned for instructions for implementation plan for integration of the inversion table with the treadmill workstation and fully-wired home gym. I think the existing keyboard/airmouse will be sufficient, with a possible need for a different keyboard mount (for upside down-ness). I will also consider speech recognition for both systems.

The other requirement will be video inversion software (like portrait/landscape/invert on PDA's) which is no biggie.

be good

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


If you are in the media technology industry, and you are not paying attention to Ian C. Rogers, you are... well... you're not really in the media technology industry.

TechCruch quoted a statement made my Ian in 2007, but this is old news. In my opinion, this was Mr. Rogers drawing the line with Yahoo on the public record, saying, "you're on the wrong path."

But off the record, Ian has been speaking since 2003 (or earlier- I never knew him before) in public and private forums with media/tech industry insiders regarding the futility of DRM (copy protection).

Ian sees the future.