Monday, October 06, 2008

Sungard EXP Web 5.x Users, and The Wisdom of Crowds

I'm going to make an expection and mix businsess and personal blogs to try to drum up some enthusiasm for the new Sungard EXP Web User Forums. The new blog can be found here:

This is a place for users of Sungard's EXP Web and its predecessor Octane8 to discuss common challenges and put our brains together to solve problems.

Background: Sungard's EXP Web is a piece of software, a Content Management System (CMS), which CDLLC uses to deploy some of our clients' web-based applications. It's very robust and functionality-packed, so naturally users are full of questions. My hope is that this forum will serve as means for us to help one another answer these questions.

***Please respond by comment post if you would like to become a contributing author, and someone will contact you with further information. ***

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