Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Survival for the high-powered, IT Exec: The ultimate wired office/gym!

The ultimate wired office/gym! Walkstation! Internet Treadmill Workstation!

Sounds silly? Yes, as first? Like being alive? The this is no joke. I've been working with Physical Therapist on this for 4 years now:(see )

Survival for the high-powered, IT Exec: The ultimate wired office/gym!
Hello there.

My name is Crockett.

I own an IT business.

I love life... I mean, I love being alive, and I intend to postpone the cessation of my being alive for as long as possible.

This product list is for the serious information technology worker concerned for her or his physical health.

Let's face it, our generation has seen enough sedentary IT worker and computer addicts die of cardiovascular related illnesses anywhere from their late 20s to early 40s.

This is serious.

So perhaps it's more appropriate to say that this product listing is intended to help the IT/Knowledge worker stay healthy, and SURVIVE in an industry that constantly begs us to "please be seated."

The Ultimate Internet Treadmill Workstation, Totally Wired Home Gym, and generally surviving and staying healthy as an information technology professional have all generated enough interest to merit going beyond my
"generic, personal," blogs and offering this as an Amazon List, and an exclusive blog, here,

With that, to those seeking physical and fiscal health in this post-information-revolution era in which we live, I say, "WELCOME!" (from the treadmill, in fact).

Come in, explore, and most of all SHARE your methods and experiences with countering what has historically been a purely sedentary vocation. [user community at

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