Friday, March 30, 2007

The Internet Will Save Us All, or, The Great Equalizer

OK, I've had this idea for years that universal connectivity could lead to an end of scarcity and war in our world. That's the inner idealist/optimist.

The inner wise-old-cynical-nihilist says there is nothing new under the sun, and people will be people, regardless of technology and education.

The inner optimist got a boost today when I read the following from the KenRadio Daily Tech News Clicks:

Wi-fi buses drive rural web use

Buses equipped with wi-fi are being used to deliver web content to remote rural villages in the developing world. In rural India and parts of Rwanda, Cambodia and Paraguay, the vehicles offer web content to computers with no internet connection. The buses and a fleet of motorcycles update their pages in cities before visiting the hard-to-reach communities. As well as offering popular pages, the United Villages project also allows users to request specific information. A small box, with an antenna, onboard the buses and motorcycles communicates with the rural computers. In many parts of the developing world it is too expensive to lay the fibres and copper cable to deliver a standard internet connection. Wireless technologies also do not reach many remote places.

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