Wednesday, March 21, 2007

real security vs. a sense of security

3/21/2007: Revision: Looks like we should all panic... IMMEDIATELY! Lock bumpers will break into your house and eat your babies.

this is my second mobile blog entry via MMS... although the future is yet to provide me with flying cars or even personal aircraft (how about a jet-pack?), this connectedness is cool (although thumbing is silly... when I can dial by voice, why can't I dictate messages, too? Still, all things considered I give the state of technology a thumbs up... hooray!

Know any good locksmith blogs? After surviving the past three days protected only by a mini sticky-note deterrent, I am pondering the various symbols we cling to in order to feel a sense of security. I mean, what good is a deadbolt when I have barless windows all around my house? Real security comes from one's societal environment, I believe. Specifically a stable society following rules of law. Only then can my sticky note protect me.

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