Sunday, March 18, 2007

"hope you brought your a-game, bitch."

"Hope you brought your a-game, bitch," is one of the taunt moves in the new video game, Def Jam Icon. I caught the following advertisement while watching TiVo'd Family Guy last night.

Anyone who has ever downloaded music can see that artists need a new way to get paid for making great music. Music as an experience-enhancement, specifically in video games, is one solution to the artist's dilemma.

On another topic, are hip-hop artists the cowboys and indians, or mobsters of a generation? In other words, is this healthy, harmelss fantasty? Or have today's artists crossed a line by BEING, pretending to BE, or BECOMING the violent, drug slanging, gun-toting, bitch-slapping characters they rap about?

This comes to mind as I picked up the latest copy of Source, and felt a pang of nostalgia.

I grew up with this stuff, but it was not just fantasy about which they rapped. Real people really died.

Forgive the multi-theme, un-wrapped post. This idea has been marinading for 2 weeks, and it is to move on. RIP Tupac/Biggie.

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