Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Online Grocery List, Software-as-a-Service model, Supports Multiple Content Contributors

5/31/2007 update: OK the spambots have found me, and I've found a better alternative: 37signals ta-da list. http://www.tadalist.com/
Also supports user-contributed content (mom?).

Background: my wife Analisa and I need a mobile-device-accessible place on the web where multiple content contributors (the two of us) can update and access a central Grocery List repository from home or abroad. Below is my first attempt at said endeavor.

Allllllllllrighty... I think this will do. At least until the Marki-Dunn Online Grocery List begins attracting spam, getting flooded, or becomes otherwise defaced with silliness from my prankster colleagues, at which point my idealistic world view will be utterly shattered, and I will be forced to add authentication or orphan the page somewhere top-secret.
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