Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Liquid Paper Peace, or Technological Pathology

The truth is, after hours days weeks months years of screen-sucking and generally conducting technology and software business via email, it feels really good to apply Liquid Paper. Seriously... no lie.

Just taking my eyes off the multiple monitors and looking downwards towards a white piece of paper rather than white monitor screen triggers a bit of relief. Handwriting on the envelope feels good, too. Reminds me of elementary school, back when we had the, "headline/mid-line/baseline," giant paper/giant pencils, and were proud of the shapely letters we formed. And then you EARN the right to use PEN, and loose-leaf... around fourth grade I think.

Sure, the pen strokes feel good, but the broad, horizontal Liquid Paper strokes feel GREAT. Laying down the blobs, then spreading and thinning the goop, leaving little brush strokes that slowly melt away and smooth, careful to completely cover the ink.... I can almost hear the late Bob Ross narrating the "Happy Little Clouds" as I create my masterpiece.

Ahhhh..... Well that was nice. Now back to the screen-sucking and IRS correspondence.

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