Monday, April 02, 2007

E-Food: Chipotle To-Go

1) One night in 1996, while sitting in my dormitory adjacent to the Duke University Hospital trauma unit helicopter pad (seriously, I'm surprised I couldn't find one of these photos with a view directly into my old dorm window- that seems to have been the flight path most followed- the one where the "headlights" would illuminate my room at night...), it occurred to me how "cool" it would be (and convenient) to order dinner from the INTERNET. So I jumped onto a search engine, probably old Yahoo or Altavista, and googled (wait, I don't remember what we called Googling back then) order pizza online.

It turns out, at the time there was ONE location of Papa John's Pizza that accepted internet orders, and it was hundreds of miles away. I can't remember my exact reaction, but I vaguely recall emailing Papa John's national and recommending they expand their online order accepting system nationally.

2) During what was perhaps the peak of my internet/connectivity/technology obsession, a friend of mine, noticing my fair skin (fair= ridiculous pallor for southern boy), commented, "well can't you just DOWNLOAD some sunlight?).

While I still cannot download sunlight, I was pleasantly surprised tonight to observe Chipotle's online web-to-order system fully functional.

Check it out:

Thank you for placing an order with Chipotle! Your order has been sent to East Pas.
It can take 10-15 minutes for us to receive your order once it's been sent. So, please call your selected Chipotle in about 10 minutes to confirm that we received it. Otherwise, your order will not be made.
Here is your Chipotle contact info:
East Pas
3409 E. Foothill Blvd.
Fax: 626-351-6027
Here is a summary of your order:
Order ID: 832629
Ordered by: hcd2
Crockett Dunn
Phone: 626-798-0323
Company: Gold Zeppelin LLC
Nick Name:
Meal Type: BOL
Rice Pinto Beans FAJITA VEGGIES Medium Corn Salsa Medium Green Salsa Cheese Guac Lettuce 1 Side Chips & Guac
Nick Name:
Rice Black Beans CARNITAS Mild Salsa Medium Corn Salsa Medium Green Salsa Cheese Guac Lettuce
Please do not reply to this confirmation email. If there is a problem with your order or a further question, please call your estaurant.
signed with love!

I was skeptical as I completed the process and the order wizard cautioned me that I must call to confirm my order. I thought this was another un-implemented web-to-order system where I go through the wizard and then have to pick up the phone and read the order off my monitor.

Not the case. As instructed, I called 10 minutes later, and they had my order and where preparing it.

Hooray Technology!

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