Sunday, March 22, 2009

"a weekend of record breakers!" or, "Better Wang Parameters!"

One of the simple joys of being an IT professional is watching the spam/counter-spam wars, specifically, the metaphors, synonyms, and other methods used by the snake-oil sales-people to slip through the spam filters.

Just two days after announcing Crock-Town's new, most awesomest t-shirt, I am pleased to announce the following.

After almost two years, the #1 silliest spam subject, "your penis make shadow like tree,", is being bumped to #2.

Our new winner?

Based on pushing the limits of ambiguity and slang while still retaining comprehensibility:

"Better wang parameters!"

The subject of an email I received minutes ago.

[If only we could harness the power of these wordsmiths for good.]

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