Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Interfaith... East-West... Peace," or, "Picking up the slack for the US Government."

Fed up with U.S. partisan politics? NGOs (non-government organizations) can make a difference. Here is an example:


King briefs leading CEOs on reforms

Their Majesties King Abdullah and Queen Rania on
Sunday pose for a photo with members of the Society of International Business
Fellows (Photo by Yousef Allan)

AMMAN (JT) - Their Majesties King Abdullah and Queen Rania
received on Sunday a delegation from the Society of International Business
Fellows currently on a visit to the Kingdom.

At the meeting, King Abdullah briefed the delegates on the performance and
competitiveness of the Jordanian economy, highlighting the economic reforms the
country has embarked on over the past few years as well as its efforts to
attract projects and investments.

The Monarch also noted the steps Jordan has taken to mitigate the effects
of the global economic crisis on the strength of its economy.

Created in the US city of Atlanta in 1981, the society is a not-for-profit
entity that comprises about 450 directors and CEOs from around the world.

On politics, the King underlined the need to exert all possible efforts to
bring about peace in the region based on the two-state solution, which, he said,
is the sole solution to end the conflict in the region.

The two-state solution, the King said, is the key to addressing the
problems the Middle East faces.

Referring to the Common Word Initiative, which has become the leading
project for interfaith dialogue between Christians and Muslims, King Abdullah
emphasised the need to build bridges of communication and understanding between
followers of different religions.

In response to a question, Queen Rania said Jordan will continue to invest
in education and provide the best possible environment for educating Jordanians
and enhancing teachers’ effectiveness.

In this regard, the Queen referred to the Madrasati initiative she launched
in April 2008 which aims to make education a social responsibility and improve
the conditions of public schools across the Kingdom.

Queen Rania also stressed the importance of enhancing concord and
humanitarian cooperation in addressing misunderstandings and misconceptions.

23 March 2009

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