Thursday, June 12, 2008

Internet Treadmill Workstation and Fully Wired Home Gym 2008, ultimate, premium, best of breed

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EUREKA... I've done it! The best, most versatile, internet-wired treadmill workstation, or more generally, internet wired home gym, complete with keyboard control, mouse control, air-mouse control, voice recognition when necessary, and screen reader when appropriate in rare situations (the inversion table, in my case).

Now I have to choices,

  1. eat breakfast on my arse at my desk as I continue to read, respond to, and compose emails until around 1 or 2 PM, when I notice (as sit, still on my arse) , "hey my back hurts... again. And my goodness, was my belly always that size?" [women substitute, "have my jeans always been this tight, or, "NOOOOOoooo, is that cellulite???!!!"
  2. eat breakfast, hop on the treadmill and do my email stuff, surf the net... everything I do on the fat-belly chair, but with a better display, a more natural and ergonomic stance, and doing this all while getting an exercise high, getting in shape, and for you pragmatists, extending the time I get to spend alive in this world!
I've tried it all before- the egg timer to take standup breaks every 15 minutes, change my focal length, walk around a bit. I've to the top-end Herman Miller chair and a garage full of lumbar supports.

But this is the solution.

The secret lies in the flux-capacitor, which coincidentally is also the key to time travel. Just kidding. The key was actually earthquake-sticky goop. Or if you're in an earthquake-free zone, it's probably the same as wall-poster mounting goop, or "stay put- kids don't knock over the vases" goop.

The final ergonomic problem to solve was bringing the keyboard closer in towards my body, and at a flat, perfectly horizontal angle. This has been solved.

IT and knowledge workers of the future, we shall no longer be relegated to a sedentary lifestyle and early death due to poor cardiovascular health! We have been freed to access the internet (and home network if you got it) as we exercise.

And exercise addicts: you're no longer enslaved to your isolation of repetition after set after repetition, with your best case of entertainment being CNN or whatever watered-down station the gym down the road things we can all agree on.

Now I just GOTTA get you the pictures. But alas, I have clients to serve [clients which I now serve more effectively because I can work while I exercise], and is in the middle of it's largest growth spurt to date.

But that transition has almost settled down, and I look forward to presenting you with photos of the grand creation.

Signing off from the inversion table,

P.S. For you do-it-yourselfers, this project is no biggie. All the products, minus the flux capacitor and earthquake goop, are listed at the end of this post:


viviane said...

I need to know where to learn how to adapt a treadmill to add a plate-forme where I could install a laptop while walking

It is a matter of being fit

prevent obesity in my children and help them becoming more full of energy more happy and even focused

Active life is life but sedentary is death

You really are a visionnary and I applaud it

Viviane Provost MD
and mother of three children

Crockett Dunn said...

Thank you for the kind words, Viviane.

Having experimented with various configurations for about 5 years, I love sharing what I have discovered: the pros and cons of different treadmill workstation adaptations.

In fact, I started a new blog devoted entirely to this topic. If you're serious about walking while you work, start here: have found it best to have the display and computer separate from the treadmill, so one must only contend with a keyboard and mouse while walking.

I couldn't help but notice you're an MD.

My wife is a doctor, too, and she has opened my eyes to viewing various medical conditions as "social diseases."

Every time I type about the Internet Treadmill Workstation, the image of this one particular billboard in Los Angeles about childhood obesity never fails to enter my mind.

Thank you for sharing. I would be grateful if you spread the good word of combining work and exercise amongst your colleagues, friends and family.

Warm regards,