Sunday, March 09, 2008

oh Sweet IRONY

Over here in the hills of beautiful Salinas, the mobile phone reception ain't so great for ATT users. Technology is one of my top priorities in my family's work life (This is a major big deal for a tech business owner and on-call doctor), so I became intent on purchasing a mobile phone signal repeater, ok?

I received instructions from the very kind and patient staff at [to be filled in when I find url] about how to put my HTC into field test mode and wander around monitoring signal strength.

Much to my dismay, there was not a single spot with more than 2 bars or -89dbs. Not by the windows, not on the roof (I was super-safe, mom. I sat on my butt the whole time), not in the yard- nowhere was there a strong enough donor signal to work with a [legal] wireless signal repeater.

Here is where the irony comes in. Analisa and I have finally gotten around to taming this jungle we call our yard. I enjoy the selection of plants and planting and nurturing and all that stuff. I do not enjoy removing deep-rooted bushes that have become trees from clay-hard soil.

There was this one bush that was so difficult to remove (we nicknamed it "demon bush"), that I was cursing and panting and actually staggering by the time I had it removed.

OK I promised irony (I hope I'm not pulling an Alanis Morissette here). The very next day I was working from outside to get some sunshine, and as usual, I wandered around to find the strongest cell phone signal strength location where I will place my cell phone (b/c I can wander 40 ft with the super-awesome bluetooth headset). Well, for some reason, the space previously occupied by demon bush not only has the best signal strength, but it is also strong enough to work with an outdoor wireless signal repeater!

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