Thursday, October 11, 2007

impromptu dog party

it wasn't what i had planned for the afternoon, but when i noticed a dog racing off-leash through the neighborhood, i decided to investigate. and that is how i discovered that our friendly neighborhood dogs rocky and lucky had somehow escaped from their normal fenced in hang-out. after a some chasing, coercion, and negotiation, i got rock and luck by the collars and dragged them into my backyard for temporary safekeeping until owners could be contacted.

and thus began the impromptu dog party. at its peak, rocky and lucky got inside and chased mo up the window screen which fell down as mo clung to it, both falling backwards on the floor. the dogs loved it. not sure how mo felt about it.

for the remainder of the afternoon, i worked from my laptop downstairs or outside, whilst mo and leroy taunted dogs through the window.

good times!

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