Wednesday, October 03, 2007

befuddled by packaging

Man oh man- I thought we'd gotten past this. Remember $16 audio CDs and those giant tall cardboard packages- I think it was for anti-theft purposes? Well I just grabbed a copy of MS Office Ultimate 2007 from Office Max, and the new packaging has me stumped. There is a sticker over something that looks like two hinges, plus a red pull-tab on the top that reminds me of an ink cartridge pack. I'm beginning to think store personnel were supposed to remove this anti-theft stuff before I left the store, and if I do it myself I fear an ink bomb exploding on me!

[several stressful minutes later]

I am happy to report that I have proclaimed victory of Microsoft's new packaging, and gained access to the fruits of my Office Max visit.

Happy will be the day when I no longer have to do my own [re]installs.

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