Monday, February 12, 2007

Institutional Pathology

Just received an invoice for approximately $1000 for blood tests that were part of a routine physical.

I called my insurance company, got a human, but apparently this human was helpless within the larger machine of her organization.

She explained to me that the reason I was being billed was because the diagnostic code submitted with my claim was, "routine gynecological exam." Not only did I not have a routine gynecological exam, but also I am a male. So Blue Cross sent the claim back to Quest Diagnostics with the information, "diagnostic/billing code inconsistent with patient gender." Later, Blue Cross tells me, they received a re-submission, with the same diagnostic code.

As I type, I am on the telephone on-hold with Quest Diagnostics, the laboratory company that apparently did my bloodwork for my routine physical exam. The voicemail labyrinth is all dead-ends leading to either "pay," or, "call your physician."

Now I am calling my physician (I wonder if I'll be subject to some sort of gender test? The comedic possibilities are endless...).

No answer...
more later
....14 hours later....

I was able to secure a face-to-face encounter with a human, who agreed that this diagnostic code was incorrect. I am assured all will be taken care of. Thanks to my friends at Crown City Medical Group in Pasadena for having real, accessible, and thinking people available!

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Anonymous said...

take 2 (my first attempt at leaving a comment didn't work)

this is particularly funny because the only test that really falls under that diagnosis code is a pap smear, which no one did nor billed for.

ha, ha...gynecologist humor.

-your loving wife (who is amazing...see below)