Sunday, February 04, 2007

Innovation is the Spice of Life

Innovation makes life worth living. Seriously, it is my Favorite Thing. Here are some recent examples:

Innovation example 1: My dogs favorite toy. This is a squeaky fuzzy bird stuffed inside a squeaky fuzzy hoop mashed against a chirping fuzzy bird.

Innovation example 2: Mo's dining quarters. What's wrong with this door mechanism? You mean, what's RIGHT with it, right??? Well here is the deal:

Analisa and I had a problem with our cats. Leroy was morbidly obese to the point it was seriously affecting his life quality. He was stiff and achey up and down the stairs, and could no longer clean himself well.

So we put Leroy on a strict diet. But Leroy's brother, Mo (right) began to waste away. The solution: feed them separately to prevent Leroy from eating Mo's food.
Problem: I don't like to stick around to open the bathroom door when Mo is done eating, and I can't very well confine Mo to the bathroom all day.
The ultimate solution: reverse the door latch so that it can be pushed open from the inside when Mo is done eating. Awesome...

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