Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the, COOLEST thing happened today

Sent with my voice via Jott:

The, coolest thing happened today.
Ok, I assume many of us have experienced the disappointment of leaving our beverage on top of our car, and driving off only to have it fall over onto the road, leaving us sad, having to to continue our journey sans refreshing beverage.
Well... today rushing out the door to serve my clients (I LOVE YOU CLIENTS), I left my refreshing & delicious diet coke beverage on my car and zipped out the driveway on my way to streamline business systems via intranet/web-based applications.
And then, 3 miles inot my journey, I realized I had left it there. Oh, the sadness that filled my heart! But wait! I have a sun roof! I opened the shade, (not the glass), and my refreshing (well, my caffeine fix, really) beverage was right above me, held in place by my cargo bars!
So without having to take eyes off the road or two hands off the wheel, I push the "open" button on the sunroof, and my drug of choice drops right into the passenger seat.

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