Saturday, January 26, 2008

One button for pee-pee, and another button for poo

I have a very cute niece named Tirza. On one of her first days in kindergarten, she raised her hand in class and proclaimed, "we have one button for pee-pee and one button for poo-poo." I salute Tirza for her pure, honest desire to share about cool stuff.

My sister, Rebecca, is a nationally-renowned and often cited, LEED certified green architect. This is an environmentally-friendly dual-flush toilet, one of the many very progressive neat things she built into her house.


Sandy in Taiwan said...

These are actually quite common in Taiwan! Most modern restaurants and lots of homes are outfitted with these. They're marked "big" and "small." :)

My theory is that it's a way to combat poor water pressure in old, high-rise buildings.

Crockett Dunn said...

Hi Sandy,
What a unique perspective from a high-rise city!

Out here, in the west and southwestern United States, we have water shortages, and it is about conservation.

Interesting. You must be an engineer!