Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Holidays 2007

December 2007


Mom and Dad said that as the family goodwill ambassador, it was my job to tell everyone what we did this year. It was a very busy year for all of us.

I think that the best news is that Mom and Dad are helping me keep Leroy from eating my food. They also made him stop eating Mo’s food. He is very hungry now because of his diet, but he is a lot skinnier, and it’s a lot easier for him to run and jump. Sometimes I confuse him with Mo because they are almost the same size. He still doesn’t play with me like Mo, though.

Another good thing that happened this year is that we moved to a new house. It is in a place called Salinas, which is near my California grandma and grandpa’s house. Our new house is really neat, and every morning I get to track wild critter scents in the backyard. Mom says that we have turkeys and deer and coyotes at our house, but I haven’t ever seen them with my eyes, only with my nose. My dad likes to take me walking across the street to where cows live. In the morning, we can hear the cows at our house. Also, I have two new dog friends at the house next door. Sometimes they get to come over to play. I also get to go to the beach a lot now because it is close, and a lot of times my grandma meets us there with the Aussies. I like to see her because she always has cookies in her pocket. The cats like our new house because there are lots of places for them to hide and sleep and also because they can watch the birds in the backyard.

Before we moved here, we were all very busy trying to sell our old house. The cats had to go live other places—first with Uncle Chris and later with Grandma and Grandpa—because they are too messy. Every Sunday a nice lady named Staci came over to let people walk through the house, and I stayed there to help her sell it while Mom and Dad went to the movies. I guess I’m not too good at selling things because nobody bought it. Now we have a family renting it. I think Staci misses spending time with me, though, because she just got a dog that looks like me.

One thing I like about my new house is that at the old house my mom used to work all the time and sometimes I didn’t even see her at night, but now she only goes to work some days. Even on the days she works, sometimes she comes home to play with me while she eats lunch. She is always home when we go to sleep, but sometimes she has to leave at night to deliver babies. I used to get confused and wake up with her. Now I know that it’s not time to get up yet, and I just wait in bed for her to come home.

Unlike Mom, Dad is busier than ever. He has people from all over the world to help him now. I asked him if they were as far away as Alabama or New Jersey, and he said yes, but some are even farther-- all the way on the other side of world!

This summer, Dad set up a special room so he can see the internets while he exercises. Ever since the special room got built I noticed Daddy has less face to lick and less belly to snuggle, but we get more time together since he sleeps less, too.

This summer, Mom wasn’t working at all, so I got to travel a lot with her and Dad. We went on a long car trip to Lake Tahoe. After that, Mom and I made lots of trips from our old house to the new house because a man named Dana was helping us fix our new house. At first I was afraid of him, but later I learned that he was nice to little dogs, and he made our house look pretty also. Right before we moved, we took a trip on the airplane to see my cousins in Alabama. It was hot there, and we all got lots of mosquito bites. It was a good thing I took my heartworm pill before we went.

Since we moved, we have been lots of the same places again. We got to go back to Lake Tahoe, but this time the car ride was a lot shorter. Just now I went to my Alabama grandma and grandpa’s house two weeks in a row. The first time my grandpa (I call him Daddy Brad) fed me lots of turkey, and I got to play with my cousins Tirza and Aldo. The next day Mama Katie hired a silly man to take a family picture, and I got to be right in the center of it. I also got to make friends with Zoie, who is even littler than I am. Mom was afraid Zoie might not like me, but I think we hit it off pretty well. The second trip I didn’t get to do very much because Mom and Dad were busy all the time going to a wedding. I got a lot of naps that weekend, so I didn’t want to sit still on the plane trip home. I got in trouble because I jumped out of my bag and onto Mom’s lap after take-off. Oops.

Mom and Dad say that we’ll be staying home for a while now because they are worn out from all the traveling, so for Christmas we’ll be seeing friends and family around here. They said also to tell everyone that they are grateful to have so many nice friends everywhere and to wish everyone peace and happiness in the New Year.


Princess Buttercup

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