Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Even the monitors crash now?!

I have this totally bad-ass, 21" Gateway HD Flat panel display.

Part of the awesomeness is the ability to switch from portrait to landscape physically by rotating the monitor. This gives added flexibility for those of us with multiple displays who spend lots of time at computer and desire frequent office configuration changes.

Here's the thing, though: it crashes sometimes. Yes, my monitor remains dark and its on-off button becomes unresponsive.

And I always fall for the trick of believing it's my OS. You see, the monitor that crashes is the primary display where I should see my login prompt when I wake up the computer. But I don't see my login prompt- just dark screen. So I think one of my remote RDP sessions is "stuck," or there is some other issue.

I usually try control-alt-delete, and login via another remote computer, before remembering that the solution is to cycle the power by unplugging the monitor (soft-switch button is unresponsive).

And the first time this occurred, I even began troubleshooting hardware, but realized what was going on as soon as I swapped the two monitors' vga plugs and saw the previously hidden login prompt on other monitor.

What is the meaning of this? Dunno. Either, "technology marches forward," or, "I'm becoming old and inflexible." I often suspect the latter when I try to relate to the millennial-generation developers I work with, like Yan).