Wednesday, January 17, 2007

American Idol, or, "I'm crushing your head."

American Idol is back on, some of my favorite treadmill/TV material. But I think I'm becoming too sensitive for this show. I mean, I really don't like watching Simon tear down naive, young dreamers. There is nothing funny about such a shocking reality check. It's not even interesting looking to me... Just cruel.

Funny, I had something profound to say about American Idol- oh yeah... All of the competitors should be required to read Victor Frankl's, "Man's Search For Meaning," especially the part 2, where in speaking of existential dilemmas and "success," it is concluded that the only way to ever achieve "success," is to stop pursuing it and just "be."

I suppose that would destroy the ratings, if the show consisted of a bunch of young stars who were at peace with themselves and the universe around them, full of gratitude, love, and acceptance.

But really, I don't like to see them being crushed.

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