Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday night surreality

It's 11:30 PM in Pasadena, CA. I swear to god I just walked outside into the twilight zone. OK, so there was this crazy screaming squawking chirping fighting sounding noise outside. My dog was barking like mad it it. It sounded like a squirrel and a parrot fighting or something.

I went outside to see if there was something dying in the street, because the screams and squawks were so anguished sounding. As I walked closer to the street, it became clear that the noises were coming from accross the street in bushes and trees. Clearly something was upset that a sprinkler was wetting its home. OK, but that's not the odd part.

As I cautiously approached the street, concerned for my saftey (because of the mystery squawks), a large meteor made a THICK red-yellow stripe horizontally accross the sky as it burned out in the atmosphere, and at the same time a single rider on a tandem bicycle rode by. All the while, the squawking continued.

I wonder, what are the chances of the mystery squawking, shooting star, solo-tandem-rider combo ever occurring again on a full moon night?

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